Nearest Railway Station: Yashavantpur Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru

Nearest Metrostation: Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station

IISc is 7 km away from the main railway station and bus stand (commonly called Majestic, though the official name is Kempe Gowda Bus stand). Autos cost Rs 7 per km while taxis cost Rs 12 to 15 per km. If you are coming for the first time to Bangalore by train or bus, you can take a prepaid auto for Rs. 60 and come to IISc. If you do not have any luggage, you can take a local bus from Majestic (use the overbridge/subway) to cross to the local bus stand. Go to platform 23/24/25 and take any of the 252, 271 series buses. The frequency of the buses is one per min during peak hours, one per five min during non-peak hours and one per ten min during odd hours (11 pm - 5 am).

IISc is about 35 kms from the airport. One could take either a prepaid taxi (currently, costs Rs. 750, and the counter is available near the exit of the Airport Building), or a city taxi (costs about Rs. 500, and a queue for the same is just outside the airport building). Remember the taxi will charge you per km (ranging from Rs. 12 to 15). Shuttle bus service, operated by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), runs from the airport to various areas in Bangalore city every 15 minutes. The bus to IISc is infrequent (every hour) but buses to Mekhri circle are available every 10 min. You can get down in Mekhri circle (2.5 kms from IISc) and take an auto,

Ask for Tata Institute (that's what IISc. is commonly known as); that'll get you to Prof. CNR. Rao circle on your map. If that doesn't work, you should ask for Yeshwantpur circle or Yeshwantpur bus stand. From Yeshwantpur circle, follow National Highway Four east toward Prof. CNR Rao circle. If you're on foot, you can enter campus at the small turnstile on the north side of the highway under the yellow over bridge: it brings you to the place marked Cosmetic Center on your map. You can also ask for the Malleswaram 18th cross bus stand and then walk down to Mariamma temple circle in less than 2 minutes. This place is very close to that marked as JN Tata Auditorium in the map.


If you plan to take a bus into town, your best bet is to walk to Malleswaram 18th cross bus stand or to Yeshwantpur bus stand (2 minutes from D Mess through the turnstile). If you plan to walk from the chemical engineering department, the 18th cross bus stand is nearer than the Yeshwantpur bus stand. At the 18th cross bus stand, don't overlook the bus stop on Margosa road. There is also a bus stop on the highway between the yellow overbridge and Prof CNR Rao circle, and another one at Prof. CNR Rao circle (on Sri C V Raman Road). Finally, there is a bus stop at Yeshwantpur toll gate, just off campus near R block. Most buses go to one of the places:

Majestic, also called Bangalore Bus Station (BBS) and renamed as the Kempe Gowda bus stand (KGBS). You can get a bus from here to pretty much anywhere in Bangalore. The intra-state and inter-state bus services also originate from here. The railway station is nearby. To go to Majestic, take any one of the following frequent buses: 252, 252E, 258C, 21 (Pushpak). Many buses that come to the 18th cross bus stand go to Majestic.

City Market, also called K.R. Market or simply Market. Take bus numbers 1, 1E to go here but you probably don't want to go here unless you need to buy for your lab. But many Market buses go via Corporation, which is a good place to get down and take another bus to locations in South Bangalore.

Shivaji Nagar. A useful point to switch buses if you're heading toward East Bangalore. Frequent buses to this destination are 64 and 252A. Many buses that come to the bus stand opposite the post office go to Shivaji nagar.

Also, do look out for the newer Pushpak buses. They are light brown in colour, instead of the usual bright red. They are much quicker, more comfortable, less crowded but cost more. While returning to campus, do remember that IISc. is popularly called Tata Institute, and that the Malleswaram 18th cross and Yeshwantpur bus stands are nearby.


Again, Malleswaram 18th cross and Yeshwantpur circle are the best places to catch an autorickshaw. But if you're lucky, you'll find an auto at Prof. CNR Rao circle or at Circle Mariamma temple. Remember that autos cost 50% more early mornings and at night.